Franz-Sebastian KrahDr.

Franz-Sebastian Krah

Fungal Ecology

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Fungal Ecology

Research interests:

What are the consequences of global change on fungi – individuals, species, communities – and how can large scale datasets complemented by real-world and laboratory experiments be utilized to provide scientific answers to timely research questions and forecasts to advance general ecological knowledge and guide decision making for the management of forests and protected areas and species conservation.

Upcoming ...

BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2024-06-06
Tracking plant diversity dynamics on islands over thousands of years
Mo. 2024-06-10
Arsenic biogeochemistry from paddy soil to rice grain
Th. 2024-06-13
Seeing the forest beneath the trees: Mycorrhizal fungi as trait integrators of ecosystem processes
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
We. 2024-05-29
Führung | "Grüne Apotheke: Heilpflanzen"
Inaugural Lecture:
We. 2024-05-22
Funktionelle Pilzökologie: Diversität und Prozesse auf unterschiedlichen Skalen
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