Klaus H. Hoffmann: Projects

Completed Projects

  • Isolation and cultivation of endosymbiotic Pseudomonads from the rove beetle genera (Grako678 D1)
    Konrad Dettner, Carlo Unverzagt, O. Meyer, Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • The chemistry of the pygidial gland of rove beetles, Stenus spp. (Latreille) (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) (Grako678 B1)
    Konrad Dettner, Klaus H. Hoffmann, Karlheinz Seifert, Carlo Unverzagt, Konrad Dettner [Details]

  • Control of physiological adaptations to modified ecological conditions by endocrine signals in aphids (Grako678 A3)
    Matthias W. Lorenz, Klaus H. Hoffmann, Ewald Komor, Willi Seifert, Matthias W. Lorenz [Details]

  • Endocrine signals in caste determination of a primitive termite, Mastotermes darwiniensis (GK 678 A1)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann, Manfred Kaib, Matthias W. Lorenz [Details]

  • Endocrine control of egg size in the tropical butterfly Bicyclus anynana (Grako678 A2)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Regulation of hormone biosynthesis in insects by plant derived compounds - a contribution to the development of novel pesticides (DFG GRK 678/1)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Physiological basis of honeydew production in aphids on tansy, Tanacetum vulgare (DFG GRK 678/1)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann, Wolfgang Völkl [Details]

  • Insect neuropeptides and their possible application in pest insect biocontrol (DLR/Internationales Büro des BMBF CZE 00/004)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Neuropeptides in insect reproduction: biochemistry, molecular biology and mechanisms of action (DFG HO 631/15-1, HO 631/15-2, HO 631/15-3, HO 631/15-4)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Habitatdiversität, Mortalitätsrisiken und Ressourcennutzung von Parasitoiden (DFG Vo 628/5-1)
    Klaus H. Hoffmann, Wolfgang Völkl [Details]

Projects from other divisions

Completed Projects

  • The fat body as a central organ in insect reproduction: cellular mechanisms of the hormonal regulation of lipid and yolk protein biosynthesis. (ohne)
    Judith Lorenz, Ahmad Alamer, Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Endocrine signals in caste determination of a primitive termite, Mastotermes darwiniensis (ohne)
    Franziska Wende, Klaus H. Hoffmann, Martina Meyering-Vos [Details]

  • Neuropeptides in tinsect development: analysis of gene function (ohne)
    Intisar Taha, Martina Meyering-Vos, Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Digestive tract and digestive enzymes in insects (ohne)
    Lwalaba Digali, Sandy Weidlich, Joseph Woodring, Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

  • Altitude adaptation in the Sooty Copper Lycaena titegus (ohne)
    Isabell Karl, Klaus H. Hoffmann [Details]

Upcoming ...

Fr. 2023-10-20
Forum Waldkontroversen
BayCEER Colloquium:
Th. 2023-10-19
Global change mycology: Towards understanding the role of climate for fruit body-forming fungal communities
Fr. 2023-10-06
Forum Zukunftswald: Biotope im Wald für seltene und bedrohte Arten
Ecological-Botanical Garden:
Su. 2023-10-15
Führung | "Den ÖBG kennenlernen: Allgemeine Gartenführung"
Vortragsreihe "Die dünne Haut der Erde":
We. 2023-10-11
Mikroorganismen im Boden – Abbau von Mikroplastik und anderen Bodenverschmutzungen
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