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Angelika Mustroph: Publications

Peer reviewed


Ambros, S., Kotewitsch, M., Wittig, P., Bammer, B., Mustroph, A.: Transcriptional Response of Two Brassica napus Cultivars to Short-Term Hypoxia in the Root Zone. Frontiers in Plant Science, 13, 897673 (2022).


Müller, J., van Veen, H., Bartylla, M., Akman, M., Pedersen, O., Sun, P., Schuurink, R., Takeuchi, J., Todoroki, Y., Weig, A., Sasidharan, R., Mustroph, A.: Keeping the shoot above water : submergence triggers antithetical growth responses in stems and petioles of watercress (Nasturtium officinale). New Phytologist, 229(1), 140-155 (2021).

Hess, N., Richter, S., Liebthal, M., Dietz, K., Mustroph, A.: The Phosphofructokinase Isoform AtPFK5 Is a Novel Target of Plastidic Thioredoxin-f-Dependent Redox Regulation. Antioxidants, 10(3), 401 (2021).

Wittig, P., Ambros, S., Müller, J., Bammer, B., Álvarez-Cansino, L., Konnerup, D., Pedersen, O., Mustroph, A.: Two Brassica napus cultivars differ in gene expression, but not in their response to submergence. Physiologia Plantarum, 171(3), 400-415 (2021).


Bäumler, J., Riber, W., Klecker, M., Müller, L., Dissemeyer, N., Weig, A., Mustroph, A.: AtERF#111/ABR1 is a transcriptional activator involved in the wounding response. The Plant Journal, 100(5), 969-990 (2019).


Mustroph, A.: Improving Flooding Tolerance of Crop Plants. Agronomy, 8(9), 160 (2018).

Mustroph, A., Steffens, B., Sasidharan, R.: Signalling Interactions in Flooding Tolerance. Annual Plant Reviews Online, 1(2) (2018).


Sasidharan, R., Bailey-Serres, J., Ashikari, M., Atwell, B., Colmer, T., Fagerstedt, K., Fukao, T., Geigenberger, P., Hebelstrup, K., Hill, R., Holdsworth, M., Ismail, A., Licausi, F., Mustroph, A., Nakazono, M., Pedersen, O., Perata, P., Sauter, M., Shih, M., Sorrell, B., Striker, G., van Dongen, J., Whelan, J., Shi, X., Visser, E., Voesenek, L.: Community recommendations on terminology and procedures used in flooding and low oxygen stress research. New Phytologist, 214(4), 1403-1407 (2017).


Gasch, P., Fundinger, M., Müller, J., Lee, T., Bailey-Serres, J., Mustroph, A.: Redundant ERF-VII transcription factors bind an evolutionarily conserved cis-motif to regulate hypoxia-responsive gene expression in Arabidopsis. The Plant Cell, 28(1), 160-180 (2016).

van Veen, H., Vashisht, D., Akman, M., Girke, T., Mustroph, A., Reinen, E., Hartman, S., Kooiker, M., van Tienderen, P., Schranz, M., Bailey-Serres, J., Voesenek, L., Sasidharan, R.: Transcriptomes of eight Arabidopsis thaliana accessions reveal core conserved, genotype- and organ-specific responses to flooding stress. Plant Physiology, 172(2), 668-689 (2016).


Riber, W., Müller, J., Visser, E., Sasidharan, R., Voesenek, L., Mustroph, A.: The greening after extended darkness1 is an N-end rule pathway mutant with high tolerance to submergence and starvation. Plant Physiology, 167(4), 1616-1629 (2015).


Mustroph, A., Barding, G., Kaiser, K., Larive, C., Bailey-Serres, J.: Characterization of distinct root and shoot responses to low-oxygen stress in Arabidopsis with a focus on primary C- and N-metabolism. Plant, Cell & Environment, 37(10), 2366-2380 (2014).

Klecker, M., Gasch, P., Peisker, H., Dörmann, P., Schlicke, H., Grimm, B., Mustroph, A.: A Shoot-Specific Hypoxic Response of Arabidopsis Sheds Light on the Role of the Phosphate-Responsive Transcription Factor PHOSPHATE STARVATION RESPONSE1. Plant Physiology, 165(2), 774-790 (2014).


Sasidharan, R., Mustroph, A., Boonman, A., Akman, M., Ammerlaan, A., Breit, T., Schranz, M., Voesenek, L., van Tienderen, P.: Root transcript profiling of two Rorippa species reveals gene clusters associated with extreme submergence tolerance. Plant Physiology, 163(3), 1277-1292 (2013).

van Veen, H., Mustroph, A., Barding, G., Vergeer-van Eijk, M., Welschen-Evertman, R., Pedersen, O., Visser, E., Larive, C., Pierik, R., Bailey-Serres, J., Voesenek, L., Sasidharan, R.: Two Rumex species from contrasting hydrological niches regulate flooding tolerance through distinct mechanisms. The Plant Cell, 25(11), 4691-4707 (2013).

Mustroph, A., Stock, J., Hess, N., Aldous, S., Dreilich, A., Grimm, B.: Characterization of the phosphofructokinase gene family in rice and its expression under oxygen deficiency stress. Frontiers in Plant Science, 4, 125 (2013).


Lee, S., Mustroph, A., Sasidharan, R., Vashisht, D., Pedersen, O., Oosumi, T., Voesenek, L., Bailey-Serres, J.: Molecular characterization of the submergence response of the Arabidopsis thaliana ecotype Columbia. New Phytologist, 190(2), 457-471 (2011).

Sasidharan, R., Mustroph, A.: Plant oxygen sensing is mediated by the N-end rule pathway : a milestone in plant anaerobiosis. The Plant Cell, 23(12), 4173-4183 (2011).


Mustroph, A., Bailey-Serres, J.: The Arabidopsis translatome cell-specific mRNA atlas : Mining suberin and cutin lipid monomer biosynthesis genes as an example for data application. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 5(3), 320-324 (2010).

Mustroph, A., Lee, S., Oosumi, T., Zanetti, M., Yang, H., Ma, K., Yaghoubi-Masihi, A., Fukao, T., Bailey-Serres, J.: Cross-kingdom comparison of transcriptomic adjustments to low-oxygen stress highlights conserved and plant-specific responses. Plant Physiology, 152(3), 1484-1500 (2010).


Mustroph, A., Zanetti, M., Jang, C., Holtan, H., Repetti, P., Galbraith, D., Girke, T., Bailey-Serres, J.: Profiling translatomes of discrete cell populations resolves altered cellular priorities during hypoxia in Arabidopsis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 106(44), 18843-18848 (2009).


Werner, T., Holst, K., Pörs, Y., Guivarc'h, A., Mustroph, A., Chriqui, D., Grimm, B., Schmülling, T.: Cytokinin deficiency causes distinct changes of sink and source parameters in shoots and roots. Journal of Experimental Botany, 59(10), 2659-2672 (2008).


Mustroph, A., Sonnewald, U., Biemelt, S.: Characterisation of the ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase gene family from Arabidopsis thaliana. FEBS Letters, 581(13), 2401-2410 (2007).

Mustroph, A., Albrecht, G.: Fermentation metabolism in roots of wheat seedlings after hypoxic pre-treatment in different anoxic incubation systems. Journal of Plant Physiology, 164(4), 394-407 (2007).


Mustroph, A., Boamfa, E., Laarhoven, L., Harren, F., Albrecht, G., Grimm, B.: Organ specific analysis of the anaerobic primary metabolism in rice and wheat seedlings I: Dark ethanol production is dominated by the shoots.. Planta, 225(1), 103-114 (2006).

Mustroph, A., Boamfa, E., Laarhoven, L., Harren, F., Pörs, Y., Grimm, B.: Organ specific analysis of the anaerobic primary metabolism in rice and wheat seedlings II: Light exposure reduces needs for fermentation and extends survival during anaerobiosis. Planta, 225(1), 139-152 (2006).

Lokstein, H., Hedtke, B., Mustroph, A., Kühn, C.: Signals, sensing, and plant primary metabolism. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation, 25(4), 339-345 (2006).


Mustroph, A., Albrecht, G., Hajirezaei, M., Grimm, B., Biemelt, S.: Low levels of pyrophosphate in transgenic potato plants expressing E. coli pyrophosphatase lead to decreased vitality under oxygen deficiency. Annals of Botany, 96(4), 717-726 (2005).


Albrecht, G., Mustroph, A., Fox, T.: Sugar and fructan accumulation during metabolic adjustment between respiration and fermentation under low oxygen conditions in wheat roots. Physiologia Plantarum, 120(1), 93-105 (2004).


Albrecht, G., Mustroph, A.: Localization of sucrose synthase in wheat roots : increased in situ activity of sucrose synthase correlates with cell wall thickening by cellulose deposition under hypoxia. Planta, 217(2), 252-260 (2003).

Albrecht, G., Mustroph, A.: Sucrose Utilization via Invertase and Sucrose Synthase with Respect to Accumulation of Cellulose and Callose Synthesis in Wheat Roots under Oxygen Deficiency. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology, 50(6), 813-820 (2003).

Mustroph, A., Albrecht, G.: Tolerance of crop plants to oxygen deficiency stress : Fermentative activity and photosynthetic capacity of entire seedlings under hypoxia and anoxia. Physiologia Plantarum, 117(4), 508-520 (2003).

Books and Book sections


Mustroph, A., Hess, N., Sasidharan, R.: Hypoxic energy metabolism and PPi as an alternative energy currency. In: Dongen, Joost T. van ; Licausi, Francesco (ed.): Low-Oxygen Stress in Plants : oxygen sensing and adaptive responses to hypoxia. - Wien : Springer, 2013. - 165-184.

Mustroph, A., Zanetti, M., Girke, T., Bailey-Serres, J.: Isolation and analysis of mRNAs from specific cell types of plants by ribosome immunopurification. In: Smet, Ive de (ed.): Plant organogenesis : methods and protocols. - New York : Humana Press, 2013. - 277-302.


Mustroph, A., Juntawong, P., Bailey-Serres, J.: Isolation of plant polysomal mRNA by differential centrifugation and ribosome immunopurification methods. In: Belostotsky, Dmitry A. (ed.): Plant system biology. - New York : Humana Press, 2009. - 109-126.

Other publications


Mustroph, A.: Flooding Stress in Plants . In: (Hrsg.): Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (eLS). - : Wiley, 2018.


Mustroph, A., Sauter, M., Geigenberger, P., van Dongen, J.: (Über)leben ohne Sauerstoff : Wenn Pflanzen die Luft ausgeht. Biologie in unserer Zeit, 46(1), 32-40 (2016).


Akman, M., Bhikharie, A., Mustroph, A., Sasidharan, R.: Extreme flooding tolerance in Rorippa. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 9(2), e27847 (2014).

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