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Peer reviewed


Wittig, P., Ambros, S., Müller, J., Bammer, B., Álvarez-Cansino, L., Konnerup, D., Pedersen, O., Mustroph, A.: Two Brassica napus cultivars differ in gene expression, but not in their response to submergence. Physiologia Plantarum, 171(3), 400-415 (2021).

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Books and Book sections


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Other publications


Mustroph, A.: Flooding Stress in Plants . In: (Hrsg.): Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (eLS). - : Wiley, 2018.


Mustroph, A., Sauter, M., Geigenberger, P., van Dongen, J.: (Über)leben ohne Sauerstoff : Wenn Pflanzen die Luft ausgeht. Biologie in unserer Zeit, 46(1), 32-40 (2016).


Akman, M., Bhikharie, A., Mustroph, A., Sasidharan, R.: Extreme flooding tolerance in Rorippa. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 9(2), e27847 (2014).

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