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Mareike Ließ: Projects

  • Landform Classification for Functional Upscaling (TERRECO Cluster F-03)
    Gwan Yong Jeong, Mareike Ließ, Bernd Huwe, Björn Reineking, Soo Jin Park [Details]

Completed Projects

  • Towards a Guideline for Digital Soil Mapping in Ecuador (DFG PAK 825 - LI 2360/1)
    Carlos M. Guio Blanco, Víctor M. Brito Gómez, Andres Felipe Alvarado Barros, Lourdes Natalia Muñoz Gómez, Mareike Ließ [Details]

  • Spatial analysis of soil related environmental risks in the Soyang Lake Watershed (TERRECO Cluster F-02)
    Hannes Oeverdieck, Bernd Huwe, Mareike Ließ, Soo Jin Park [Details]

  • Functional soil landscape modelling in the Andean mountain forest zone: impact of land use and natural disturbances (DFG FOR 816 - HU 636/14-2)
    Mareike Ließ, Johannes Schmidt, Martin Hitziger, Barbara Glaser, Hannes Thomasch, Silvia Parra Suárez, Bernd Huwe [Details]

  • Spatiotemporal dynamics of shallow landslides and their biotic and abiotic controls - an integrating synthesis including soil landscape modeling for determination and regionalisation of soil functional groups as well as forest modeling (DFG FOR 816 - HU 636/13-1)
    Mareike Ließ, Bruno Glaser, Bernd Huwe [Details]