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Kaule, R; Kaule, G; Huwe, B: Langzeituntersuchungen in den Südlichen Chiemseemooren (Long term research in raised bogs southern of Lake Chiemsee), Telma, 47, 75-92 (2017)
From 1958 to 1978 a bog research station was operated in the raised bogs near Lake Chiemsee in southern Bavaria (Bernau, Chiemseemoore). The station recorded daily data of the precipitation, evaporation and evapotranspiration (full program see SCHMEIDL et al. 1970). In this time, computing power was not sufficient to handle such large data volumes, so only aggregated data were published. The original data (12 files) were analyzed and plotted. The hydrologic balance model was adopted to the acrotelm. The waterlevel in the Sphagnum growing complex and the surface runoff of the saturated acrotelm was modelled with the original daily values of 10 growing periods. Model results indicate, that in 2575 modelled days only 93 days and 12 periods, only one period lasting longer than 5 days, with a critical water table (-20 cm) occurred (1958 to 1968). The model results were validated with runoff measurements. The vegetation development from 1961 to 2015 confirms the stability of the growing complex and the regeneration potential within the climatic borders. (1400 mm/a). The results allow a better understanding of the capillary system of the acrotelm and of the regeneration success of raised bogs.

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