Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the courses start?

A: In 2016, courses for the winter semester start October, 17th. However, there is an obligatory orientation week for all students of the Environmental Chemistry Master Programme which will take place from 10-14.10.2016.


Q: How much does the programme cost?

A: At Bayreuth University, all programmes are financially covered by the German Government. You will not have to pay any tuition fees. This also applies for foreign students. All students have to pay an administration fee which is about 100 Euro per semester which includes a ticket for the local public transport and entitles you to reduced prices at the University´s Cafeteria.

Bayreuth is a small town and accomodation is still relatively cheap compared to Cities like Munich or Hamburg. On average our master students spend about 250-300 Euro for (private) accomodation (student lodging is cheaper but there might be waiting lists) and about 250-300 Euro for all other living costs.

If you have to apply for visa you might have to guarantee a certain minimum monthly coverage - please check with your embassy.


Q: My bachelor certificate is in German - do I have to translate it?

A: We do accept certificates, transcript records, and other official documents both in English and in German, but please note that at least your motivation letter and CV have to be in English.


Q: Where do I find the lecture halls and the programme Coordinator?

A: You can find a list of all lecture halls and their location at Most of your courses will be in the Geo II building (seminar rooms and lecture halls) or the adjacent Geo I (laboratories). Prof. Planer-Friedrich, your Programme Coordinator, has her office in the Geo III building. You can download a campus map with the location of Geo II and III marked here.