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/Global Change Ecology M.Sc.

C: Societal Change

NumberTitleCredit PointsTermCourse no.
C1Drivers and Consequences of Land Use and Land Cover Change5 
 Land use Change and Climate (C1a)2174033
 Land Use Change and Socio-Economy (C1b)3174034
C2Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity5 
 Ecosystem Services (C2a)2174035
 Current Research in Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity3174036
C3Global Economy5 
 Environmental Finance (C3a)2274037
 Globalization of Economics and the Environment (C3b)3274038
C4Global Policy and Governance5 
 Global Change Policy, Contracts and Administrative Strategies (CTES, Rio, Kyoto, EU) (C4b)2274040
 Economics of Global Environmental Change (C4a)74042
C5Socio-Economic and Political Dimensions of Global Change5 
 Political Ecology of Global Environmental Change (C5a)3174042
 Societal Transition in the Face of Global Change (C5b)274039
C6Inter- and Transdisciplinary Concepts of Change5 
 Concepts of Change in Natural and Social Systems (C6b)3174044
 Research at the Natural and Social Science Interface (C6a)2174043
C7Patterns of Land Use and Ecosystem Dynamics5 
 Patterns of Land Use and Ecosystem Dynamics (C7a)3174045
 Land Use Policies, Markets, and Ecosystems (C7b)2174072
-O Overview- -A Environmental Change- -B Ecological Change- -C Societal Change- -M Methods- -F Free Choice- -I Internships- -S International Science Schools- -T Master Thesis- -etc. Additional Events (conferences, excursions)-