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/Global Change Ecology M.Sc.

M: Methods

NumberTitleCredit PointsTermCourse no.
M1Introduction to R2 
 Introduction to R (M1)2174047
M2Statistical Modelling with R21 
 Statistical Modelling with R (M2)2174048
M3Monitoring and Experiments2 
 Monitoring and Experiments (M3)2274021
M4Foundations of Biogeographical Modelling2 
 Foundations of Biogeographical Modelling (M4)2274051
M5Remote Sensing3 
 Remote Sensing (M5)3174052
M6Time Series Analysis5 
 Time Series Analysis (M6a)2174053
 Time Series Analysis (M6b)3174054
M7Environmental Forensics5 
 Analytical Methods in Environmental Chemistry (M7a)3274055
 Environmental Forensics (M7b)2174056
M8Ecosystem Services Assessment of Landscapes22 
 Ecosystem Services Assessment of Landscapes (M8)2274057
M9Life Cycle Assessment of Products2 
 Life Cycle Assessment of Products (M9)2174058
M10Scientific Writing11 
 Scientific Writing (M10)1174059, 74059
M11Project Management2 
 Project Management and Scientific Coordination (M11)2174060, 74060
M12Introduction to GIS2 
 Introduction to GIS (M12)2174061
M13Advanced Geostatistical Methods3 
 Advanced Geostatistical Methods (M13a)1274062
 Advanced Geostatistical Methods (M13b)2274063
M14International Environmental Law3 
 International Environmental Law (M14)3274064
MAcademic working methods and skills21 
 Academic working methods and skills2174071
M15Advanced Methods in Nature Conservation 
 Advanced Methods in Nature Conservation (M15)3274065, 74065
-O Overview- -A Environmental Change- -B Ecological Change- -C Societal Change- -M Methods- -F Free Choice- -I Internships- -S International Science Schools- -T Master Thesis- -etc. Additional Events (conferences, excursions)-