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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Earth Sciences

Graduate Program (M.Sc.) - Global Change Ecology

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Martin Pfeiffer: Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae

Since 2016

Scientist, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ, Department Aquatic Ecosystem Analysis and Management

2015- until now

Research Associate, Bayreuth Center of Ecology and Environmental Research BayCEER, University of Bayreuth


Visiting Professor, National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Departments for Ecology and Environmental Sciences


Habilitation for Zoology and Ecology, Faculty for Natural Science University of Ulm


Assistant Professor, University of Ulm, Institute for Experimental Ecology


University of Würzburg, Department for Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology


PhD, Department for Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology, University of Würzburg


Study of Biology, University of Bayreuth


Activities in the scientific community, honors, awards

2007- currently

Editor Asian Myrmecology (IF:1.1)


Honorary Doctorate of the School of Arts & Sciences of the National University of Mongolia


Founding Committee of the German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology


Teaching Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg

1985 – 1986

Elected Member of the Students‘ Council University of Bayreuth


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