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La Palma 2013 - Island biogeography revisited: 50th anniversary of a ground breaking theory in biogeography 

baumThe Science school 2013 organised by the Department of Biogeograpy , Disturbance Ecology and Global Change Ecology (M.Sc.) picks up the 50th anniversary of the theory of island biogeography and focuses on island related topics of biodiversity research. The group field period is 13th - 27th February on the island of La Palma followed by more flexible time of data analyses and result presentation at Bayreuth University. We are very happy to welcome Kerstin Treyte from the WSL in Zürich as an external lecturer.  



Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein, Universität Bayreuth link

Severin Irl, Universität Bayreuth link

Prof. Dr. Anke Jentsch, Universität Bayreuth   link

Dr. Kerstin Treyde, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt für Wald, Schnee und Landschaft WSL link

Manuel Steinbauer, Universität Bayreuth  link

Research topics

Each group of participans works on one of the following topics:

  1. Niche characterisation and dispersal barriers of two invasive Ageratina species
  2. Spatial gradients within shrubby endemic Echium species - finding and explaining continuous vs. discontinuous differences in morphology
  3. The effect of spatial and temporal patterns in fire occurrence on vegetation
  4. Reconstructing historic climate variations and fire events by dendrochronological methods
  5. Coexistence of different species in dispersed vegetation under harsh
  6. The effect of drought stress on endemic and non endemic species

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