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Aktuelle Projekte

  • Functional relationships between land-use, climate and biogeochemical cycles (DFG FOR 1246 - Syn 2)
    Synthesis Project 2 of the Research Unit KiLi (DFG FOR 1246) [Details]

  • Patterns in water flux and carbon cycle controls along land use and climate gradients (DFG FOR 1246 - TP 2)
    In the framework of ecosystem analysis and biodiversity research, the soil and plant compartments of representative Kilimajaro ecosystems will be studied with special emphasis on soil water availability, soil water fluxes, plant water relations, and carbon in soils and plants. [Details]

  • Natur-Visionen: Konzepte der Aneignung und Konservierung von Natur (FKZ 01UC1201)
    Corina Buendia Grigoriu, Valeska Scharsich, Ulrich Berner, Michael Hauhs, Georg Klute, Detlef Müller-Mahn [Details]

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