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Disturbance Ecology

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Seminar: TERRECO Seminar ()

WS 2013/2014
Fr.: 13:00-15:00, S 36, NW I

John Tenhunen, Marianne Ruidisch

November 8

1-2 pm

Hamada Elsayed Ali

Effect of field margin management and slope on sediment trapping during the monsoon season in South Korea 

2-3 pm

Jintae Hwang

A study of the state-nature relations in a developmental state: The water resource policy of the Park Jung-Hee regime, 1961-1979 

November 15

1-2 pm

Silvia Parra

Isotope Signature to trace the origin and fate of nitrate in Soyang lake watershed: First field work season in South Korea 

2-3 pm

Wie Xue

Up-scale research of carbon and water gas exchange from leaf to canopy level in rice and winter wheat

November 22

1-2 pm

Jean-Lionel Poirier

Water Sources, Flow Paths and Residence Time in a forested catchment of the East Asian Monsoon Region

2-3 pm

Bhone Nay Htoon

Approaching Water Use Efficiency of rice from different perspective by different methods

November 29

1-2 pm

Gwan Yong Jeong

Digital soil mapping for the functional analysis of site characteristics in complex terrain

2-3 pm

Kwanghun Choi

Effect of structural differences of forest on sediment and water fluxes in Soyang watershed, Korea

December 6

1-2 pm

Kiyong Kim

Sediment in Lake Soyang: as Integrating Archive of Catchment Process and Potential Effect on Lake Water Quality

2-3 pm

Ilkwon Kim

Agent-based Model of Land Use Change in Soyang Watershed

6pm -


****** Christmas party ******


January 10

1-2 pm

Saem Lee

Is organic farming profitable? - Evidence from Korea

2-3 pm

Cosmas Lambini

The economic valuation of forest ecosystem service in Vietnam: A cost function approach

January 17

1-2 pm

Mi-Hee Lee

Tree species effects on the transport of fine particulate and dissolved organic C and N to Soyang lake (South Korea)

2-3 pm

Gangaram Maharjan

Evaluating the Environmental Efficiency of Dryland Farms and the Haean Catchment On Crop Productivity, Nutrient Inputs, and sediment Transport

January 31

1-2 pm

Thinh Nguyen

Forest Transpiration as a Key Water Balance Component: Comparing water use by forest between different types of forest as well as parts in Korea

2-3 pm

Ik-Chang Choi

Economic valuation on the Change of water Quality and Supply under Climate Change

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