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BayCEER WBayCEER Workshop 2009 - Ausklang1orkshop 2010

The third BayCEER Workshop on 15 April 2010 is a platform to present research questions to an interdisciplinary audience of scientists in ecology and environmental research at the University of Bayreuth.

Talk and poster were presented for the following areas of research:

  1. Ecosystem Function
  2. Biodiversity and Nature Conservation
  3. (Environmental Pollution and Remediation)
  4. Climate Change Research

BayCEER Workshop 2009 - poster session

The BayCEER Workshop is also part of the new PhD program Ecology and Environmental Research (PEER). 


Poster prize

The poster price goes to Iris Adam with the poster "Hungry for fungi? – Quantification of organic C and N flows into mycoheterotrophic plants on a stand level". The price was sponsored by BcG Alumni e.V..