3 Rhizosphere interactions: Biogeochemical processes at the root-soil interface

Chair: Johanna Pausch

Thursday, 14:00-15:00,

Interactions between plants and microbial communities in the rhizosphere perform vital ecological soil functions such as C turnover and C sequestration, nutrient mobilization, aggregate formation, regulation of water flux. Most of the biogeochemical and physical differences between the rhizosphere and the surrounding soil are caused by the release of rhizodeposits, i.e. highly bioavailable, low-molecular weight organic substrates originating from exudates, lysates, and from mucilage. Rhizodeposition is a key driver for microbial-mediated processes in soil and a major link between above- and belowground processes.

New insights into rhizosphere functioning will promote a more comprehensive understanding of how plants control their environment. Researchers investigating C pools and fluxes in the rhizosphere, biochemical characteristics of the rhizosphere, and exchange of C and nutrients between plants, microorganisms and soil compartments are cordially invited to join this session.

14:00O 3.1: Carolin Kerl et al.: Thioarsenate occurrence in paddy soils and potential implications for arsenic uptake, accumulation, and toxicity in rice
14:15O 3.2: Pascal Benard et al.: Water percolation through the rhizosphere - effect of heterogeneous pore scale wettability
14:30O 3.3: Maire Holz et al.: Root hairs increase rhizosphere extension and carbon input to soil
14:45O 3.4: Gerhard Gebauer et al.: Stable isotopes elucidate more and more facets of mycoheterotrophic carbon gain among plants
15:00Afternoon Poster Coffee (Foyer NW III)

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P 3.1 Philipp Giesemann, Marcus Stöckel, Gerhard Gebauer
A Multi-Element Stable Isotope Natural Abundance Approach Indicates Partial Mycoheterotrophy Already For Equisetum Species - Living Fossils Among The Vascular Plants
P 3.2 Annkathrin Hömberg, Egbert Matzner
Drying and rewetting mobilizes phosphorus and nitrogen from undisturbed forest floors.
P 3.3 Mutez Ahmed
Root type matters: measurement of water uptake by seminal, crown and lateral roots in maize
P 3.4 Amit Kumar, Yakov Kuzyakov, Johanna Pausch
Trait functionality: Role in nutrient acquisition and driving plant-soil interactions
P 3.5 Julienne Schiebold, Martin. I. Bidartondo, Gerhard Gebauer
Many ways to exploit mycorrhizas: the mycoheterotrophy continuum in orchids

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