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BayCEER Workshop 2017

October 12, 2017, 9:00-17:00
Campus University of Bayreuth, Building NW III


In this annual workshop all disciplines working in the focus area Ecology & the Environmental Sciences come together to exchange perspectives and ideas and foster networking between working groups. All chairs and researchers active in this field are invited to present their work:

  • BayCEER members – postdoctoral research fellows and professors – are very welcome to share their experience. For newcomers at the UBT the workshop is an excellent opportunity to get to know the diversity of  environmental research at the UBT and to present their field of expertise to the community. External members are invited to catch up on research developments in Bayreuth, and vice versa.

  • For PhD students, a talk or poster at the BayCEER Workshop is a great opportunity to present their work to an interdisciplinary audience in a comprehensible and convincing way. The interdisciplinary exchange of information provides a wealth of new ideas for your research. A best talk and poster award is announced for PhD students, and a course on Presentation Skills accompanies the workshop.

  • Students are encouraged to participate in the workshop. Students finishing up their MSc or BSc thesis are invited to present their results during the workshop and to join the Presentation Skills course.

-> Preliminary Program

-> Online Registration and Submission of Abstracts

Important deadlines:

Deadline Call for sessions Extended: May 28, 2017
Call for abstracts July 14, 2017
Abstract submission deadline September 18, 2017
Program announcement September 29, 2017
End of online registration October 12, 2017


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