Thursday, 12.10.2017

TimeH36, NW III
08:15Registration (Foyer NW III)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Thomas, BayCEER Vice-Director


"Research highlights from BayCEER working groups"

Chair: Christoph Thomas

H 1.1: Anke Jentsch: The Bayreuth phytometer - common metrics for plant community ecology
09:15H 1.2: Alfons Weig: Analysis tools in the Keylab for Genomics & Bioinformatics
09:20H 1.3: Andrea Carminati: In (re)search of drought tolerance
09:25H 1.4: Bettina Engelbrecht: Winners and loosers: what is determining species fate under drought?
09:30H 1.5: Christoph Thomas: Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology

Poster presentation in "Lightning Talks"


Morning Poster Coffee
 (Foyer NW III)


"Understanding Ecosystem Services: Geoecological processes/functions with value for the society"

Chair: Thomas Koellner

O 2.1: Valeska Scharsich et al.: Challenges in classifying diverse and highly structured landscapes with satellite images to infer land cover and land use change
11:15O 2.2: Mohammed Abu Sayed Arfin Khan et al.: Effects of extreme climatic events in temperate grassland: Heavy rain spells have clearer impacts than drought on ecosystem functioning
11:30O 2.3: Sebastian Arnhold et al.: European Union agri-environmental policies: Conservation strategy or risk for global erosion regulation
11:45O 2.4: Maria Hänsel et al.: Agent-based modelling for policy support: Can this approach be used to ensure ecosystem services from Bavarian grasslands?

Lunch  (S 136)


Higgins Steven:
Ecosystem Assembly: A Mission for Terrestrial Earth System Science


"Rhizosphere interactions: Biogeochemical processes at the root-soil interface"

Chair: Johanna Pausch

O 3.1: Carolin Kerl et al.: Thioarsenate occurrence in paddy soils and potential implications for arsenic uptake, accumulation, and toxicity in rice
14:15O 3.2: Pascal Benard et al.: Water percolation through the rhizosphere - effect of heterogeneous pore scale wettability
14:30O 3.3: Maire Holz et al.: Root hairs increase rhizosphere extension and carbon input to soil
14:45O 3.4: Gerhard Gebauer et al.: Stable isotopes elucidate more and more facets of mycoheterotrophic carbon gain among plants

Afternoon Poster Coffee
(Foyer NW III)


"BayCEERversity: Across scales, compartments & communities"

Chair: Andreas Held, Christina Bogner

O 4.1: Julian Rüdiger et al.: Catching the Plume – From Field Measurements to Atmospheric Simulation Chamber Studies of Volcanic Gas Emissions
15:45O 4.2: Stefan Durejka et al.: Coupling hydrology and biogeochemistry in riparian wetlands: An interdisciplinary approach
16:00O 4.3: Sven Ritschar et al.: Inducible morphological defenses of Daphnia similis against Triops cancriformis and Notonecta maculata
16:15O 4.4: Judith Bieberich et al.: Invasive Impatiens glandulifera reduces growth of native plants by allelopathy
16:30O 4.5: Per Marten Schleuss et al.: Stoichiometric controls of C and N cycling in a mesic grassland in South Africa
16:45O 4.6: Alexander Guhr et al.: Effect of water redistribution by saprotrophic fungi on C mineralization and N translocation in dry soil

Come together
& BayCEER Awards Session

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