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Björn Berg: Publications

Peer-reviewed journals
-- 2006 --
Liu, C; Berg, B; Kutsch, W; Westman, CJ; Ilvesniemi, H; Shen, X; Shen, G; Chen, X: Leaf litter nitrogen concentrations as related to climate factors in Eurasian forests, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 15, 438-444 (2006) -- Details
-- 2005 --
Akselsson, C; Berg, B; Meentemeyer, V; Westling, O: Carbon sequestration rates in organic layers of boral and temperate forest soils - Sweden as a case study, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 14, 77-84 (2005) -- Details
Berg, B; Gundersen, P; Meentemeyer, V: Kolfastläggning uppskalad till Svensk skogsmark - en sänka för koldioxid (auf Schwedisch), Faktaskog, 6, 1-4 (2005)
Berg, B; Johansson, MB; Nilsson, Å: Kolfastläggning i Svensk skogsmarkshumus - direkt mätta värden, Faktaskog, 8, 1-4 (2005)
Kurz-Besson, C; Couteaux, M-M; Thiery, JM; Berg, B; Remacle, J: A comparison of litterbag and direct observation methods of Scots pine needle decomposition measurement, Soil Biology Biochemistry, 37, 2315-2318 (2005), doi:10.1016/j.soilbio.2005.03.022 -- Details
-- 2004 --
Berg, B; Dise, N: Calculating the long-term stable nitrogen sink in northern European forests, Acta Oecologica, 26, 15-21 (2004), doi:10.1016/j.actao.2004.03.003 -- Details
Berg, B; Dise, N: Validating a new model for N sequestration in forest soil organic matter, Water, Air and Soil Pollution: Focus, 4, 343-358 (2004), doi:10.1023/B:WAFO.0000028364.20052.a3 -- Details
Liu, C; Westman, CJ; Berg, B; Kutsch, W; Wang, GZ; Man, R; Ilvesniemi, H: Variation in litterfall-climate relationships between coniferous and broadleaf forests in Eurasia, Global Ecology and Biogeography, 13, 105-114 (2004) -- Details
-- 2003 --
Berg, B; Virzo De Santo, A; Rutigliano, FA; Fierro, A; Ekbohm, G: Limit values for plant litter decomposing in two contrasting soils - influence of litter elemental composition, Acta Oecologica, 24, 295-302 (2003) -- Details
Couteaux, M-M; Berg, B; Rovira, P: Near infrared reflectance spectroscopy for determination of organic matter fractions including microbial biomass in coniferous forest soils, Soil Biology Biochemistry, 35, 1587-1600 (2003) -- Details
Liu, C; Ilvesniemi, H; Berg, B; Kutsch, W; Yang, Y; Ma, X; Westman, CJ: Aboveground litterfall in Eurasian forests, Journal of Forestry Research, 14, 27-34 (2003) -- Details
McTiernan, KB; Couteaux, M-M; Berg, B; Berg, M; Calvo de Anta, R; Gallardo, A; Kratz, W; Piussi, P; Remacle, J; Virzo de Santo, A: Changes in chemical composition of Pinus sylvestris needle litter during decomposition along a European coniferous forest climatic transect, Soil Biology Biochemistry, 35, 801-812 (2003) -- Details
-- 2002 --
Berg, B; Meentemeyer, V: Litter quality in a north European transect versus carbon storage potential, Plant and Soil, 242, 83-92 (2002) -- Details
Virzo de Santo, A; Rutigliano, FA; Berg, B; Fioretto, A; Puppi, G; Alfani, A: Fungal mycelium and decomposition of needle litter in three contrasting coniferous forests, Acta Oecologica, 23, 247-259 (2002) -- Details
-- 2001 --
Berg, B; McClaugherty, C; Virzo de Santo, A; Johnson, D: Humus buildup in boreal forests - effects of litter fall and its N concentration, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 31, 988-998 (2001) -- Details
Berg, B; Meentemeyer, V: Litterfall in some European coniferous forests as dependent on climate - a synthesis, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 31, 292-301 (2001) -- Details
Couteaux, MM; Bottner, P; Anderson, JM; Berg, B; Bolger, T; Casals, P; Romanya, J; Thiery, JM; Vallejo, RV: Decomposition of 13C-labelled standard plant material in a latitudinal transect of European coniferous forests: Differential impact of climate on the decomposition of soil organic matter compartments, Biogeochemistry, 54, 147-170 (2001) -- Details
-- 2000 --
Berg, B: Litter decomposition and organic matter turnover in northern forest soils, Forest Ecology and Management, 133(2000), 13-22 (2000) -- Details
Berg, B: Initial rates and limit values for decomposition of Scots pine and Norway spruce needle litter - a synthesis for N-fertilized forest stands, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 30, 122-135 (2000) -- Details
Berg, B; Johansson, MB; Meentemeyer, V: Litter decomposition in a transect of Norway spruce forests - Substrates quality and climate control, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 30, 1136-1147 (2000) -- Details
Bottner, P; Couteaux, M; Anderson, JM; Berg, B; Billes, G; Bolger, T; Casabianca, H; Romanya, J; Rovira, P: Decomposition of 13C-labelled plant material in a European 65-40° latitudinal transect of coniferous forest soils: simulation of climate change by translocation of soils, Soil Biology Biochemistry, 32, 527-543 (2000) -- Details
-- 1999 --
Berg, B; Albrektson, A; Berg, M; Cortina, J; Johansson, MB; Gallardo, A; Madeira, M; Pausas, J; Kratz, W; Vallejo, R; McClaugherty, C: Amounts of litterfall in some pine forests in a European transect, in particular Scots pine, Annals of Forest Science, 56, 625-639 (1999) -- Details
Berg, B; Laskowski, R; Virzo de Santo, A: Estimated nitrogen concentrations in humus as based on initial nitrogen concentrations in foliar litter: a synthesis XII. Long-term decomposition in a Scots pine forest, Canad. J. Bot., 77, 1712-1722 (1999) -- Details
-- 1998 --
Virzo de Santo, A; Rutigliano, FA; Berg, B; Fioretto, A; Fierro, AR: Nitrogen dynamics of decomposing needle litters in three coniferous forests of the Mediterranean area, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 7, 510-517 (1998) -- Details
-- 1997 --
Berg, B; Matzner, E: Effect of N deposition on decomposition of plant litter and soil organic matter in forest systems, Environmental Reviews, 5, 1-25 (1997) -- Details
Non-peer-reviewed journals and series
Berg, B; Johansson, MB; Tjarve, I; Gaitnieks, T; Rokjanis, B; Beier, C; Rothe, A; Bolger, T; Göttlein, A; Gerstberger, P: Needle litterfall in a North European spruce forest transect, Reports in Forest Ecology and Forest Soils, 80, 1-31 (1999) -- Details
Berg, B: Organic-matter quality and C/N ratio as controlling factors of RSOM turnover, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Bodenkundlichen Gesellschaft, 87, 79-91 (1998) -- Details
Books and Book Chapters
Berg, B; Laskowski, R: Litter Decomposition: a guide to Carbon and Nutrient Turnover, Advances in Ecological Research, 38, 448 (2006)
Berg, B: Sequestration rates for C and N in soil organic matter at four N-polluted temperate forest stands in Matzner, E.: Ecological Studies, Biogeochemistry of forested catchments in a changing environment: a German case study, Springer Verlag, 172, 361-376 (2004)
Berg, B; Gerstberger, P: Element fluxes with litterfall in mature stands of Norway spruce and European beech in Bavaria, south Germany in Matzner, E.: Ecological Studies, Biogeochemistry of forested catchments in a changing environment: a German case study, Springer Verlag, 172, 271-278 (2004)
Berg, B; McClaugherty, C: Plant Litter. Decomposition, humus formation, carbon sequestration, in:, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, Berlin (2003) -- Details
Ollinger, S; Sala, O; Agren, GI; Berg, B; Davidson, E; Field, CB; Lerdau, MT; Neff, J; Scholes, M; Sterner, R: New frontiers in the study of element interactions, SCOPE, Island Press, 61, 63-91 (2003) -- Details
Virzo De Santo, A; Fierro, A; Berg, B; Rutigliano, FA; De Marco, A: Heavy metals and litter decomposition in coniferous forests in Violante, A., Huang, P.M., Bollag, J.-M., Gianfreda, L.: Developments in Soil Science, Elsevier Science B.V., 28A, 63-78 (2002) -- Details
Other Publications
Berg, B; Akselsson, C; Gundersen, P; Meentemeyer, V: Humus buildup (C sequestration) rates in forest ecosystems – a regional level, Proceedings of Eurosoil 2004(Eurosoil 2004) (2004), doi:http://kuk.uni-freiburg.de/hosted/eurosoil2004/full_papers/id181_Berg_full.pdf -- Details
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