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SIMFONI - A Numerical Model for the Simultaneous Simulation of Water, Heat and Nitrogen Dynamics in Forest Ecosystems

BMBF PT BEO 51-0339476 C BITÖK-N16

From 01/1995 to 06/1996

Principal Investigator: Bernd Huwe
Staff: Kai Uwe Totsche
Grant: 0339476 B Vorhersage und Erklärung des Verhaltens und der Belastbarkeit von Ökosystemen unter veränderten Umweltbedingungen

SIMFONI is a one-dimensional mechanistic, highly integrative and complex tool for the simulation of nitrogen dynamics of soils in structured forest ecosystems. SIMFONI (BITÖK, 1995 and 1996; Totsche and Huwe, 1997) is based on the agricultural nitrogen transport and management model WHNSIM (Huwe, 1992; Huwe and Totsche, 1995) which has been translated into the more flexible object oriented programming language C++ supplemented with several forest specific sub-modules. Presently, SIMFONI consists of the modules ALPHA which covers the functionality of WHNSIM, the module CARRY (Totsche, 1995), which calculates fluxes of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) together with associated fluxes of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON). The integration of additional modules for the calculation of nitrogen transformations in soils with hierarchic root systems (FUGE, Fischer, 1996), the simulation of cation exchange processes and multi component transport (SONETT, Leykam, 1996) and a one-dimensional version of PHYSTRANS which is designed to simulate the three-dimensional coupled transport of water, heat transport and the diffusive as well as convective transport of a given number of gas species (Haubold and Huwe, 1996; Ippisch, 1996) is in preparation.

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