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Current Theses

Master's Theses

Michael Wachten Application of electrical tomography to visualization of preferential flow paths

Supervisor: Olga Fishkis, Bernd Huwe
Tina Urban Effect of litter layer and soil properties on water flow pattern in a water-repellent forest soil

Supervisor: Olga Fishkis, Bernd Huwe
Stefan Prinz 2D Simulation of water flow on a profile scale in a soil of Kenia using Hydrus

Supervisor: Bernd Huwe

Diploma Theses

Ulrike Schwantag Vergleich von Wasserflüssen unterschiedlich genutzter Savannenböden in Brasilien (in Arbeit).

Supervisor: Bernd Huwe

PhD Theses

Gwan Yong Jeong Digital Soil Mapping for the Functional Analysis of Site Characteristics in Complex Terrain

Supervisor: Mareike Ließ, Bernd Huwe
Marco T. Lara Jiménez Nutrient competition (C,N) between plants and microorganisms in resource limited grassland ecosystems under extreme weather events

Supervisor: Christina Bogner