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Spatial variability of microbiological parameters of nitrogen transformations in forest soils


From 11/1997 to 06/1998

Principal Investigator: Bernd Huwe
Staff: Oleg Menjailo

Spatial variability of physical, chemical and microbiological soil parameters of forest stands is assumed to strongly affect turnover rates of nitrogen in the soil compartment of forest ecosystems. Up to now little is known about variability of denitrification and mineralization rates at different scales. This scale-related problems do impossible modelling and general predictions of N dynamic in forest ecosystems. In this project spatial variability of denitrification and N-mineralization with special consideration of spatial patterns of soil chemical and physical properties as well as forest structure will be investigated. Microbiological parameters are measured at different scales, and scale-related impacts on denitrification and N-mineralization will be clarified. Possible consequences of the scale-dependence of nitrogen dynamics for system behaviour and predictions will be studied.

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