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28. Graduate Meeting DZG Evolutionary Biology

12th till the 14th of April 2024 - University of Bayreuth

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Welcome to Bayreuth!

The city of Bayreuth is located in Upper Franconia, defined by both its beautiful surroundings of forests and rolling hills, as well as its distinct and rich culture. Locals are eager to emphasize that Bayreuth is not simply a part of Bavaria.

Rightfully so: Bayreuth has gained worldwide fame as a festival city due to the annual Richard Wagner festival and the Margravial Opera House - an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. In addition, Bayreuth is very green city with numerous parks such as the Hofgarten or the historic Eremitage with its dreamy grottos and water features. Bayreuth owes these parks, the opera house, and many other sights to the long patronage of Wilhelmine, sister to King Friedrich II of Prussia, who wanted to turn Bayreuth into “a miniature Versailles”.

The festival city and its surroundings also have much to offer in culinary terms. Enjoy the Upper Franconia cuisine with Franconian specialties and a tasty beer in rustic & cozy pubs in and around Bayreuth: Upper Franconia features the highest density of breweries per capita in the world!

Thanks to the University of Bayreuth and its over 12.000 students, Bayreuth is not stuck in its past, however. The University has become an interdisciplinary academic hub and has recently been ranked in the top 10 percent of young universities worldwide.

We look forward to showing you around. Welcome to Bayreuth!

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Foto: Bayreuth, Eremitage, Neues Schloss, Blick vom großen Bassin auf den Sonnentempel mit den symmetrischen seitlichen Arkadenbauten; © Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung, Maria Scherf / Ulrich Pfeuffer, München

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