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28. Graduate Meeting DZG Evolutionary Biology

12th till the 14th of April 2024 - University of Bayreuth

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Friday, 12.04.2024: Friday

14:45Keynote: Joël Meunier
15:45Coffee break

"Parental Care - Chair: Taina"

Talk 1.1: Julius Rombach: A transcriptomic analysis of gene expression patterns across phases of parental care in Nicrophorus vespilloides
16:30Talk 1.2: Sarah Rinke-Stack et al.: Footprints of parental care in weevil genomes
16:45Talk 1.3: Jasmin Laura Gerfen et al.: To invest or not to invest: Uncovering parental investment strategies in the Common Swift
18:00Dinner at the Mannsbräu

Saturday, 13.04.2024: Samstag

09:00Keynote: Jutta Schneider
10:00Coffee break

"From Courtship to Care - Chair: Taina"

Talk 2.1: Janka Plate et al.: Costly Courtship: Condition Dependence of a Multimodal Courtship Signal in a Parasitoid Wasp
10:45Talk 2.2: Eric Grubmüller et al.: Pre-hatching care effects offspring dependency in Nicrophorus vespilloides
11:00Talk 2.3: Paul Huber et al.: The Effects of Offspring Social Isolation
11:15Talk 2.4: Jacqueline Sahm et al.: Scent-sational drama: Larval chemical signals and the soap opera of insect family dynamics
11:30Lunch Break
13:00ÖBG Tour

"Social Insects and Immunity- Chair: Max"

Talk 3.2: Louis Allan Okwaro et al.: Zugzwang: Elevated histone acetylation in termite queens enhances queen phenotype while accelerating senescence signals
15:30Talk 3.1: Ruth Moraa: Dynamics of chromosome evolution in termites: Inbreeding, novel chromosomal translocations, and sociality
15:45Talk 3.3: Luisa Linke et al.: Drivers of sex differences in insect immunity
16:00Talk 3.4: Michaela Hoenigsberger et al.: Anticipatory immunity in social insects?
16:15Coffee break


Poster 5.1: Tim Bierschenk: Exploring the functional dynamics of symbiont microbiota in Drosophila fruit fly development
16:50Poster 5.2: Hanna Cho et al.: Impacts of Drosophila melanogaster aggregation on offspring development and microbial community structure.
16:55Poster 5.3: Ambika Jangir: Determining the competitive advantage provided by Dietary polysaccharides to two major genera of Bacteroidota.
17:00Poster 5.4: Svea Lindeboom: The effects of direct and indirect antibiotic-induced gut dysbiosis on bumblebee survival and pathogen infection prevalence [project proposal]
17:05Poster 5.5: Alexandra Mir Davood Bernal et al.: Mode-of-action of microbial symbiont regulation by Drosophila
17:10Poster 5.6: Leon Müller: Using CRISPRi to investigate the role of pitx1 during pituitary gland development
17:15Poster 5.7: Elisabeth Riedel et al.: Microbiota-by-environment interactions in Drosophila melanogaster development

Sunday, 14.04.2024: Sunday


"Symbiosis in Drosophila - Chair: Max"

Talk 4.1: Anna Evlanova et al.: Edge of Survival: The Critical Role of External Microbial Symbionts in Defining the Ecological Niche of Drosophila melanogaster
09:15Talk 4.2: Pratyaksh Singh et al.: Experimental evolution of inherited symbionts in novel hosts
09:30Coffee break
11:30Lunch in town (for those still around)
12:30Walk around town and the Röhrensee (optional for those still around)
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