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Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

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Hello all,

Sending out our second Newsletter* from 'Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.' with information on:

  • Fireside Events
  • FroG: Winnter of Logo Competition
  • Working Groups
  • Membership
  • Stay Tuned on our website!


*** Fireside event ***

Thursday, 10.01.19

We regret to announce the event has been cancelled. Looking forward to more events in 2019. 


*** FroG: Winner of the logo competition ***

Next, we would like to share the winner of the Logo Competition! Thank you to Kun Ro for the beautiful submission. see the webpage for logo in action!

 We are now going by the acronym FroG for short! Thank you to everyone else who sent us a submission, we are so grateful for the active participation.


*** Membership ***

We want to thank those who have signed up and contributed to the association thus far. Just as a quick reminder, for those who have attended past association meetings and/or the summer fetes, your presence at those meetings does not officially constitute your membership. In order to be a member, we need your completed membership form (you'll find the forms on our website http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/friends-of-gce/). Just wanted to clarify this in case there was confusion about already being registered by signing in on the attendance sheets in past events.


*** Working groups***

And lastly we would like to announce the opening of a few working groups within FroG. This is a great chance for those of you who wish to get more involved to come join us in a few important tasks. We are looking to build an Events Team to organize firesides and other outreach events, a PR/Social Media Teamto create and operate a Facebook page, twitter, website, newsletter etc. and lastly a Financial Team to assist the treasurer in gathering and managing the funds! If any of these sound of interest to you, please reach out to the FroG email, friends-of-gce@uni-bayreuth.de to let us know.


Thank you again for your attention and participation. We look forward to seeing all you FroGs in the new year!


* You are receiving this newsletter as you have signed up as a member of Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V. or since you are enrolled as an active student of Global Change Ecology. If you would not like to receive updates from us in the future, please let us know by sending a note to friends-of-gce@uni-bayreuth.de

Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

Universitätsstraße 30 


Email: friends-of-gce@uni-bayreuth.de

Website: http://www.bayceer.uni-bayreuth.de/friends-of-gce/


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