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Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V.

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Past Events:

Digital Annual Members' Meeting 2020

18. November 2020

As the Summer Fete and in-person members’ meetings were not possible in 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, we held our first ever digital members’ meeting in November 2020. The online version of the members’ meeting worked out very well as Friends of GCE spread all over the world could participate – definitely worth thinking about for future editions. We elected the new board members and thanked Kiely Doherty, who no longer ran for a position, for all her work in the past years! We also thank Stephanie Thomas and Axel Paulsch for their incredible support in the preparation and realization of this digital assembly and beyond.

FroG Workshop 2020

May 2020

In May 2020 we held the first ever FroG Workshop – digitally. It was a great success to meet, establish working groups, brainstorm and prioritize some of FroG’s next steps. Also, it was a very nice way to at least virtually get to know new people and see some familiar faces.

Summer Fete 2019

July 2019

In July 2019, we held our annual members’ meeting prior to the Summer Fete. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces again – and also many new ones. As of 2019, Farina Hoffmann was no longer available for a board position in FroG and no substitute could be found at the members’ meeting. We thank Farina for all her work in establishing the association and look forward to seeing her around! Axel Paulsch volunteered to offer support to the board from then onwards.

FroG Annual Members' Meeting 2019

29. June 2019

Ökologisch-Botanischer Garten at University of Bayreuth

Just before the Summer Fete, we hosted our annual meeting, a mandatory event stipulated in the statutes of our organization. Members, students and the board discussed the current state of affairs within the organization as well as the goals and intentions for the future of FroG! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and input.

FroG at Klimawald Bayreuth

25.-27. April 2019

Three students of Global Change Ecology had organized a phenomenal event: “Klimawald (Climate Forest) Bayreuth aiming to build a climate-resilient forest in Bayreuth that can adapt to the future climate under a 2°C warming while mitigating climate change by reducing our carbon emissions”. In this 3-day project, the students have cooperated with many organizations in Bayreuth, and got people from a very diverse background joining to plant the 4500 trees. As Friends of Global Change Ecology, we supported the students with logistical and organizational tasks along with organizing a donation of refreshments from local bakery/breweries! In the future, FroG will continue to be a sustaining partner of this event.

Congratulations to the students for organizing such a great event that is very much in line with the goals of our association!

For more information, check out their website here:https://www.klimawaldbayreuth.com

Master's Thesis Experience Night

08. November 2018

Bayreuth, DE

The first Friends of Global Change Ecology e.V. event took place yesterday at the University of Bayreuth. The evening dedicated to the presentation of master's thesis topics attracted some 30 students from GCE 2015 to GCE 2018, eager to hear about their fellow students work. The presenters had 5 minutes to pitch their topic, methods, results, discussion and to share some wisdom from their process. Afterwards, a 2 minute discussion round gave the chance to the audience to ask some questions. The topics covered ranged from plant root composition to power structures of farmers in Kenya to marine turbulence schemes and migratory bird retreats. The evening was rounded off in an informal setting over some drinks and food in downtown Bayreuth.


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