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27-29 September 2023, University of Bayreuth (UBT)

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Wednesday, 27.09.2023: Wednesday

TimeH 36
11:00Registry and Coffee
12:15Conference Opening

"Trophic interactions, organic matter, and nutrient cycling"

Keynote 1: Liliane Rueß: Stable isotopes in trophic ecology
13:30O 1.1: Claudia Guidi et al.: Tracing sources and turnover of soil organic matter in a long-term irrigated dry forest using a novel hydrogen isotope approach
13:45O 1.2: Guido Wiesenberg et al.: Combination of molecular markers and isotopes for improved assessment of the impact of warming on organic matter cycling in plant-soil systems
14:00O 1.3: Xiaolei Sun et al.: Depth distribution of phosphate 18O isotope values along the Paposo transect
14:15O 1.4: Franziska Zahn et al.: Do common shade-tolerant tropical tree and shrub saplings exhibit a partially mycoheterotrophic form of nutrition?

"Climate Change and Physiology"

O 2.1: Christiane Werner et al.: Whole ecosystem 13CO2 and 2H2O and metabolite labeling to trace drought response from leaf/roots to ecosystem scale and investigate the role of deep-water reserves during drought recovery
15:15O 2.2: Laura Kinzinger et al.: Continuous in-situ water stable isotopes show the effect of species identity on water use after precipitation events
15:30O 2.3: Angelika Kübert et al.: Plant water relations during drought and recovery in an experimental rainforest
15:45O 2.4: Matthias Beyer et al.: Vegetation controls spatial patterns of soil water isotopes in a tropical dry forest and UAV can help to predict themand
16:00O 2.5: Lars Erik Daber: Position-specific isotope labelling gives new insights into chiral monoterpene synthesis of Norway spruce (Picea abies L.)
16:15O 2.6: Ruth-Kristina Magh et al.: Practical measurements of water stable isotopes in tree stems and soils using conservative water vapor storage

Poster Session A

with poster numbers P1.1 - P3.7


Conference Dinner at the Lohmühle restaurant

Thursday, 28.09.2023: Thursday

TimeH 36
08:30Morning Coffee

"Earth System Science and Reconstruction"

Keynote 2: Hagit Affek et al.: 17Oexcess in Soreq Cave Speleothems
09:30O 3.1: Marika Stutzriemer et al.: Ongoing paleoenvironmental research in the Fotsch Valley – first oxygen isotope records derived from hemicellulose sugars of two subalpine mires
09:45O 3.2: Michael Zech et al.: A Late Glacial and Holocene 18O paleoclimate record form the afro-alpine Wulf Lake, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
10:00O 3.3: Michael E. Böttcher et al.: An isotope view on hydrology and carbon cycling in a tidal basin under impact by submarine groundwater discharge
10:15O 3.4: Rhodelyn Saban et al.: Isotope biogeochemical dynamics of pore waters under impact by submarine ground water discharge after removal of coastal protection
10:30O 3.5: Cátia Milene Ehlert von Ahn et al.: Benthic processes in tidal basins release isotopically light DIC to the southern North Sea
10:45O 3.6: Diana Burghardt et al.: Investigations on the origin of mineral waters by analysis of stable isotopes of water and sulfate

Poster Session B

with poster numbers P4.1 - P6.2


ELEMENTAR Lunch & Learn (30')


Isotope Award Session


"Environment and Pollution"

Keynote 3: Martin Elsner et al.: Isotope Fractionation Reveals Limitations and Microbial Regulation of Pollutant Biodegradation at Low Concentrations
15:30O 4.1: Arno Rein et al.: Characterization of pesticide fate in the unsaturated zone using numerical transport modeling and stable carbon isotopes
15:45O 4.2: Tobias Goldhammer et al.: Phosphate oxygen isotope insights into lacustrine phosphorus cycling
16:00O 4.3: Jonas Hädeler et al.: Natural abiotic iron-oxido-mediated formation of C1 and C2 compounds from environmentally important methyl-substituted substrates
16:15O 4.4: Moritz Schroll et al.: Methane accumulation and its potential precursor compounds in the oxic surface water layer of two contrasting stratified lakes

ASI general meeting


Thermo User Meeting

Friday, 29.09.2023: Friday

TimeH 36
08:30Morning Coffee

"Methods, Models, Standards"

Keynote 4: Sergey Assonov: Towards compatibility of stable isotope datasets: Progress with new reference materials and related concepts.
09:30O 5.1: Andreas Hilkert et al.: ESI-Orbitrap IRMS: A Revolutionary Tool with Pros and Cons
09:45O 5.2: Sarah P. Rockel et al.: Two dimensional LC-IRMS – The future of CSIA?
10:00O 5.3: Markus Greule et al.: Accurate and comparable site-specific stable carbon isotope ratio measurement of vanillin methoxy group by IRMS and 13C-qNMR
10:15O 5.4: Sam Barker et al.: Analysis of dissolved nitrate stable isotopes using the one-step Ti (III) reduction method and Elementar EnvirovisION System
10:30Extended Coffee Break
11:15O 5.5: Montana Puscas et al.: Laser ablation IRMS – the minimally destructive alternative for in-situ 𝛅13C analyses of solid or liquid matrices
11:30O 5.6: Lucas Bittner et al.: A new oxygen-free HTC pyrolysis reactor – first insights and results
11:45O 5.7: Joachim Mohn et al.: Clumped isotope laser spectroscopy of non-CO2 GHGs

"Life Science, Forensics and Medicine"

O 6.1: Nils Kuhlbusch et al.: Isotopologue ratio analysis in organic compounds using ESI-FTMS: origin of caffeine in foods
12:15O 6.2: Frank Hülsemann et al.: IRMS of urinary norandrosterone in doping control analysis
12:30O 6.3: Helena Engel et al.: Assessment of Energy Expenditure using Doubly Labelled Water during an Altitude Training Camp in Elite Alpine Skiers
12:45O 6.4: Frank Keppler et al.: Radical-driven methane formation in humans evidenced by stable isotope studies

Announcements & Conclusions
Poster & Talk Prizes


Guided Tour Ecological-Botanical Garden

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