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27-29 September 2023, University of Bayreuth (UBT)

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5 Methods, Models, Standards

Friday, 09:00-12:00, H 36

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Gebauer, formerly Keylab Isotope Biogeochemistry, BayCEER / UBT

09:00Keynote 4: Sergey Assonov: Towards compatibility of stable isotope datasets: Progress with new reference materials and related concepts.
09:30O 5.1: Andreas Hilkert et al.: ESI-Orbitrap IRMS: A Revolutionary Tool with Pros and Cons
09:45O 5.2: Sarah P. Rockel et al.: Two dimensional LC-IRMS – The future of CSIA?
10:00O 5.3: Markus Greule et al.: Accurate and comparable site-specific stable carbon isotope ratio measurement of vanillin methoxy group by IRMS and 13C-qNMR
10:15O 5.4: Sam Barker et al.: Analysis of dissolved nitrate stable isotopes using the one-step Ti (III) reduction method and Elementar EnvirovisION System
10:30Extended Coffee Break
11:15O 5.5: Montana Puscas et al.: Laser ablation IRMS – the minimally destructive alternative for in-situ 𝛅13C analyses of solid or liquid matrices
11:30O 5.6: Lucas Bittner et al.: A new oxygen-free HTC pyrolysis reactor – first insights and results
11:45O 5.7: Joachim Mohn et al.: Clumped isotope laser spectroscopy of non-CO2 GHGs

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P 5.1 Rebekka Lauer, Markus Greule, Frank Keppler
A large-volume air sampling system (LVASS) for isotope determination of atmospheric chloromethane
P 5.2 Habib Al-Ghoul, Martin Elsner
Miniature Combustion Reactors to Increase Sensitivity and Selectivity, and to Facilitate GCxGC for Compound-specific Isotope Analysis (CSIA)
P 5.3 Felix Antritter, Martin Elsner
What is a typical GC-IRMS performance? Long-term records of backgrounds, linearity, sensitivity, precision, and trueness on different GC-IRMS instruments
P 5.4 Aoife Canavan, Martin Elsner
15N-Isotope Analysis of Sulfamethoxazole by Derivatization-Gas Chromatography-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
P 5.5 Meike Fischer, Mario Tuthorn
Qtegra ISDS Software – driving analyses of the Thermo Scientific™ gas IRMS portfolio
P 5.6 Alberto Iraheta, Elise Malsch-Fröhlich, Malkin Gerchow, Matthias Beyer
Water vapor sampling - a novel method for semi-in situ soil and plant water isotope analysis
P 5.7 Heiko Moossen, Heike Geilmann, Tabea Axthammer, Ines Hilke
Separation of organic and inorganic carbon – a method assessment.
P 5.8 Reinhard Well, Caroline Buchen-Tschiskale, Michael Dannenmann, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Joachim Mohn, Lena Rohe, Clemens Scheer, Benjamin Wolf
Production of standard gases for routine calibration of stable isotope ratios of N2 and N2O

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