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27-29 September 2023, University of Bayreuth (UBT)

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3 Earth System Science and Reconstruction

Thursday, 09:00-11:00, H 36

Prof. Dr. Eva Lehndorff, Soil Ecology, BayCEER / UBT

09:00Keynote 2: Hagit Affek et al.: 17Oexcess in Soreq Cave Speleothems
09:30O 3.1: Marika Stutzriemer et al.: Ongoing paleoenvironmental research in the Fotsch Valley – first oxygen isotope records derived from hemicellulose sugars of two subalpine mires
09:45O 3.2: Michael Zech et al.: A Late Glacial and Holocene 18O paleoclimate record form the afro-alpine Wulf Lake, Bale Mountains, Ethiopia
10:00O 3.3: Michael E. Böttcher et al.: An isotope view on hydrology and carbon cycling in a tidal basin under impact by submarine groundwater discharge
10:15O 3.4: Rhodelyn Saban et al.: Isotope biogeochemical dynamics of pore waters under impact by submarine ground water discharge after removal of coastal protection
10:30O 3.5: Cátia Milene Ehlert von Ahn et al.: Benthic processes in tidal basins release isotopically light DIC to the southern North Sea
10:45O 3.6: Diana Burghardt et al.: Investigations on the origin of mineral waters by analysis of stable isotopes of water and sulfate

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P 3.1 Cátia Milene Ehlert von Ahn, Michael Ernst Böttcher, Christoph Malik, Julia Westphal, Benjamin Rach, Carla Nantke, Anna-Kathrina Jenner, Rhodelyn Saban, Iris Schmiedinger
Isotope hydrobiogeochemical composition of a managed river entering the southern Baltic Sea: A seasonal perspective
P 3.2 Rhodelyn Saban, Anna-Kathrina Jenner, Iris Schmiedinger, Michael Ernest Böttcher
Isotope biogeochemical in a temperate coastal peatland after flooding by brackish water
P 3.3 Michael E. Böttcher, Anna-K. Jenner, Catia M. E. von Ahn, Antonia Schell, Patricia Roeser, Carla Nantke, Ramona Riedel, Sebastian Janßen, Benjamin-S. Gilfedder, Nils Moosdorf, Iris Schmiedinger
An isotope view on water and carbon transfer in a tidal basin under impact of submarine groundwater discharge
P 3.4 Nils Michelsen, Kay Knöller, Michael Schubert, Harutyun Yeremyan, Alexander Arakelyan, Christoph Schüth
Groundwater around Lake Sevan, Armenia: Insights from stable isotopes of water and nitrate
P 3.5 C. Schubert, R. van Geldern, T. R. Juhlke, J.A.C. Barth, F. Huneau, E. Garel, S. Santoni
The unusual carbon cycle budget of the Gravona (Corsica) - A small stream in a mountain silicate terrain
P 3.6 Benjamin Gralher, Barbara Herbstritt, Markus Weiler, Dani Or
Tracking the Evaporation Front with Stable Isotopes of Water in a Drying Sand Column
P 3.7 Robert van Geldern, Johannes Barth, Dominik Kremer, Blake Walker, Paul Königer, Axel Schmidt, Heinrich Eisenmann, Michael Heidinger, Philip Schuler, Aixala Gaillard
Project Launch: The Groundwater Isotope Map of Germany

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