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Bachelor Thesis

Johanna Lorenz (2021)Dependency of mycoheterotrophic carbon gain in Neottia ovata and companion orchids in Northearstern Bavaria on small-scale light conditions and mycorrhizal partners: a multi-element isotope ratio mass spectrometry analysis
Erik Söll (2021)Fungi extraction from orchid roots: Influence of different fungal partners on the isotopic composition of 3 partially mycoheterotrophic Epipactis species
Fabian Hofmann (2021)The Hawaiian Myrtaceae Meterosideros polymorpha develops preferentially on moss. Is there an interaction with mycorrhiza fungi?
Lukas Seifert (2019)Occurence of dark septate fungi in selected Caryophyllaceaeand analysis of their role in nitrogen aquisition using stable isotopes
Miriam Wickmann (2019)Is herbarium material suited to identify heterotrophic nitrogen gains by Nepenthes species from Borneo? A stable isotope natural abundance approach
Stefanie Simon (2018)Stable isotopes and modelling as tool to identify the authenticity of wheat flour products
Paul Spörlein (2018)Does the heterotrophic C-gain change with the development stages of a hemiparasite?
Kimberly Hujsl (2016)Orchids with decoupled leaf and flower development - Nutrient storage or mycoheterotrophy?
Theresia Ramm (2016)Is Corallorhiza trifida a partial or a full mycoheterotroph?
Michael Schwanfelder (2015)Is the East-mediterranean orchid Steveniella satyroides partially mycoheterotrophic? Investigations using stable isotopes
Sebastian Zanner (2015)Seasonal variation of carbon gain by the leafless orchid Corallorhiza trifida - stable isotope natural abundance, tracer uptake and gas exchange measurements
Johannes Schott (2015)Isotopenverhältnis-Massenspektrometrie als Werkzeug zur Bestimmung mykoheterotropher Ernährung bei Vertretern der Orchideengattung Epipactis
Florian Lenhard (2014)Identification of partial mycoheterotrophy in alpine meadow orchids by multielement stable isotope analysis
Christian Kemnade (2013)C and N isotope abundances and total C and N concentrations in Listera ovata and Ophrys insectifera in dependence on light availability
Anika Cartus (2013)Vergleich der Chlorophyll-, C- und N-Konzentrationen und Isotopenhäufigkeiten in grünen und andersfarbigen Segmenten panaschierter Blätter
Sebastian Haas (2012)The fate of nitrate applied to a Norway Spruce forest soil in the Fichtelgebirge – concentrations and isotope signatures along soil profiles
Christine Hellerström (2010)Lachgasaustausch zwischen Boden und Atmosphäre im Nationalpark Berchtesgaden in Abhängigkeit von Vegetation, Umweltfaktoren und landwirtschaftlicher Nutzung