Drought process of an oak tree savannah


From 03/2006 to 12/2006

Experiment manager: Thomas Foken, John Tenhunen
Staff: Lukas Siebicke, Dorothea Schreiber

A common project of the Chair of Plant Ecology and the Department of Micrometeorology (University of Bayreuth) and the universities of Lisbon and Evora took part the experiment MITRÆX-2006 at the beginning of March up to May near the FLUXNET station Mitra II (Portugal). The aim is the measurement and the modelling of the drought process of an oak tree savannah in spring.

List of publications of this Experiment

Li, Y-L; Tenhunen, JD; Mirzaei, H; Hussain, MZ; Siebicke, L; Foken, T; Otieno, DO; Schmidt, M; Ribeiro, N; Aires, L; Pio, C; Banza, J; Pereira, JS: Separation of CO2 exchange from components of a herbaceous vegetation mosaic and up-scaling via chamber plus eddy covariance measurements in the Portuguese montado, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 148, 1318–1331 (2008)

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