Department of Micrometeorology 1997-2014

The Department of Micrometeorology, headed by Prof. Dr. Thomas Foken from 1997 to 2014, has been under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Christoph Thomas since the 1st of October 2014. This web page will be updated with information of new publications and the research results of former projects. The same will be done for software updates. The new works of Prof. Foken are shown on the web page of “MikroMeteorologische Beratung”.

Recent information regarding oral presentations, lessons etc. of Prof. Dr. Foken are available on the web page of “MikroMeteorologische Beratung”.

New on this site
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2017-03-05Publication: Comparison of Meso-Scale Modelled Fluxes and Measurements
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2017-03-05Publication: Development of Flux Data Quality Tools