Jörg Bareiss: Experiments

Completed Experiments

  • Scintillometer measurement campaign 2009 at Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard (ARCTEX-2009)
    Martin Wagner, Johannes Lüers, Jörg Bareiss [Details]

  • Dynamics of exchange processes of CO2 and 222Radon between forest floor, forest canopy and atmosphere (WALDATEM-2006/2007)
    Johanna Smaczny, Johannes Olesch, Jörg Bareiss, Thomas Foken, Johannes Lüers [Details]

  • Direct measurements of turbulent fluxes in the near surface environment at high latitudes applying the eddy-covariance method (ARCTEX)
    Johannes Olesch, Johannes Lüers, Jörg Bareiss, Thomas Foken [Details]