Mathias Göckede: Projects

Completed Projects

  • QA/QC for Carbon Dioxide Flux Measurements (CARBOEUROPE-IP)
    Mathias Göckede, Matthias Mauder, Florian Wimmer, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • Vertical Transports of Energy and Trace Gases at Anchor Stations and Their Spatial and Temporal Extrapolation under Complex Natural, Conditions (VERTIKO-UBT1 (BMBF 07 ATF 37 UBT1))
    Mathias Göckede, Claudia Liebethal, Matthias Mauder, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • Regional Evaporation at Grid/Pixel Scale over Heterogeneous Land Surfaces (EVA_GRIPS (BMBF 01LD0103-UBT))
    Matthias Mauder, Claudia Liebethal, Mathias Göckede, Daniela Kracher, Florian Wimmer, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • Untersuchung des Kohlenstoff- und Energieaustausches in europäischen terrestrischen Ökosystemen (CARBOEUROFLUX) (CARBOEUROFLUX (EC ENVK2-1999-00229))
    Mathias Göckede, Corinna Rebmann, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • Random Walk Models for the Footprint Problem in the Turbulent Atmosphere (INTAS (EC INTAS-99-1501))
    Mathias Göckede, Thomas Foken [Details]