Anthony C. Delany: Publications

Burns, SP; Delany, AC; Sun, J; Stephens, BB; Oncley, SP; Maclean, GD; Semmer, S R; Schröter, J; Ruppert, J: An Evaluation of Calibration Techniques for In Situ Carbon Dioxide Measurements Using a Programmable Portable Trace-Gas Measuring System, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 26, 291-316 (2009) -- Details
Wichura, B; Ruppert, J; Delany, AC; Buchmann, N; Foken, T: Structure of carbon dioxide exchange processes above a spruce forest in Matzner, E.: Ecological Studies, Biogeochemistry of forested catchments in a changing environment: a German case study, Springer Verlag, 172, 161-176 (2004)
Ruppert, J; Wichura, B; Delany, AC; Foken, T: Eddy sampling methods, A comparison using simulation results. 15th Symp. on Boundary Layer and Turbulence, Wageningen, 15-19 July 2002, Am. Meteorol. Soc., 27-30 (2002)
Ruppert, J; Wichura, B; Delany, AC; Foken, T: Methoden zur Messung turbulenter Spurengasflüsse im Vergleich, Österr. Beitr. Meteorol. & Geophys.(Extended Abstract and pdf-file on CD), 27, 220 (2001)