Peng Zhao: Publications

Zhao, P; Lüers, J: Parameterization of Evapotranspiration Estimation for Two Typical East Asian Crops, atmosphere, 8(6), 111 (2017), doi:10.3390/atmos8060111 [Link] -- Details
Huang, S; Wang, Y; Xie, Y; Zhao, P; Lüers, J: OutlierFlag: A Tool for Scientific Data Quality Control by Outlier Data Flagging, Journal of Open Research Software, 4, e20 (2016), doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.5334/jors.90 [Link] -- Details
Lee, CB; Kim, J; Belorid, M; Zhao, P: Performance Evaluation of Four Different Land Surface Models in WRF, Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment, 20, 42-50 (2016), doi:10.5572/ajae.2016.10.1.042 [Link] -- Details
Zhao, P; Lüers, J: Improved data gap-filling schemes for estimation of net ecosystem exchange in typical East-Asian croplands, Science China, Earth Sciences, 9, 1652–1664 (2016), online: 2016-06-02, doi:10.1007/s11430-015-0192-1 [Link] -- Details
Zhao, P; Lüers, J: Improved determination of daytime net ecosystem exchange of carbon dioxide at croplands, Biogeosciences Discussions, 9, 2883-2919 (2012), doi:10.5194/bgd-9-2883-2012 [Link] -- Details
Zhao, P; Lüers, J; Olesch, J; Foken, T: Complex TERRain and ECOlogical Heterogeneity (TERRECO);WP 1-02: Spatial assessment of atmosphere-ecosystem exchanges via micrometeorological measurements, footprint modeling and mesoscale simulations ; Documentation of the Observation Period May 12th to Nov. 8th, 2010, Haean, South Korea, Arbeitsergebnisse, Universität Bayreuth, Abt. Mikrometeorologie (ISSN 1614-8916), 45, 1 - 43 (2011) -- Details