Liebethal, C; Foken, T: On the use of two repeatedly heated sensors in the determination of physical soil parameters, Meteorol. Zeitschrift, 15, 293-299 (2006)
Variables describing the heat transport in soils are usually determined indirectly from soil temperature and/or moisture measurements. Alternatively, they can be measured using repeatedly heated sensors like the self-calibrating heat flux plate HFP01SC and the thermal properties sensor TP01 from Hukseflux (Delft, NL). This study aims to validate the data recorded with these instruments for three variables: The PHILIP correction (factor fP), the soil heat conductivity (λs), and the volumetric soil heat capacity (cv). All of these were measured in a short experiment with the HFP01SC and/or the TP01 sensor and were simultaneously calculated from reference methods using soil temperature and moisture measurements. For the data set on which this study is based, the HFP01SC's self-correction agrees with the PHILIP correction, but the sensor cannot be recommended for measuring λs. The TP01 seems to underestimate λs and should not be used to quantify cv.

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