Sun, F; Ma, Y; Li, M; Ma, W; Tian, H; Metzger, S: Boundary layer effects above a Himalayan valley near Mt. Everest, Geophysical Research Letters, 34, L08808, doi:10.1029/2007GL029484. (2007)
Periodical Wind Profiler and Radio Acoustic Sounding System observations have been commenced at the Himalayas’ northern slope nearby Mount Everest in September 2005. Primarily data sets obtained 25 km remote from the glacier edge are utilized for a preliminary discussion of planetary boundary layer circulation resembling high alpine mountainous regions. Substantial findings include the detection of two wind shears and the phenomenon of glacier wind at a distance of 25 km from the glaciers. The latter lead to a reversed compensatory flow in a vertical scale of up to 2000 m above ground level, pointing at supra regional impact.

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