Foken, T: Micrometeorology, (Springer Heidelberg), XX, 113 illus., 308 p., Softcover (2008), doi:ISBN: 978-3-540-74665-2 > [Link]
Key words: Micrometeorology,applied meteorology,turbulent flux
This book focuses on atmospheric processes which directly effect human environments within the lowest 100-1000 meters of the atmosphere over regions of only a few kilometers in extent. The book is the English translation of the second edition of the German book "Applied Meteorology – Micrometeorological Methods". It presents, with selected examples, the basics of micrometeorology applied to disciplines such as biometeorology, agrometeorology, hydrometeorology, technical meteorology, environmental meteorology, and biogeoscience. The important issues discussed in this book are the transport processes and fluxes between the atmosphere and the underlying surface. Vegetated and heterogeneous surfaces are special subjects. The author covers the areas of theory, measuring techniques, experimental methods and modeling in all the ways that can be used independently in teaching, research or practical applications. *Written for: * Students in the fields of meteorology, physics, geology, geography, environmental studies, geophysics, landscape planning; lecturers and scientists; libraries and research institutes *Keywords: * * Climatology * Meteorology * Metrology * Micro-meteorology * Protection of the earth's atmosphere

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