Siebicke, L*; Hunner, M; Foken, T: A statistical approach applied to trace gas gradients with low signal to noise ratios
Poster, Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry in Forest Ecosystems, Thurnau: 2009-10-05 - 2009-10-08

Estimates of horizontal CO2 advection require the measurement of gradients which are small in relation to their uncertainty. To keep instrument related uncertainty to a minimum, many studies used a single gas analyzer to sample multiple points in space one after the other. The drawback is limited spatial and temporal resolution. For the benefit of an excellent temporal resolution of 1 Hz this study employed a multi-analyzer setup. This contribution aims to show how uncertainties related to the multi-analyzer setup can be minimized by statistical postprocessing methods. Analysis of the similarity of concentration time series sampled at different locations can be used to define criteria for conditional signal shifting according to time dependent sample distributions.

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