Babel, W*; Biermann, T; Thiem, E; Chen, X; Ma, W; Chen, Y; Yang, K; Ma, Y; Foken, T: Upscaling of Fluxes Measured at Nam Co Site on Grid Elements
Talk, 2nd CAS-CEOP Workshop, Lhasa: 2010-07-19 - 2010-07-21

Meteorologically measured fluxes of energy and matter between the surface and the atmosphere originate from a source area of certain extent, located in the upwind sector of the device. The spatial representativeness of such measurements is strongly influenced by the heterogeneity of the landscape. The footprint concept is capable of linking observed data with spatial heterogeneity. This study aims at upscaling EC derived fluxes to a coarser grid size of mesoscale models or moderate resolution remote sensing data. Therefore an energy balance station including EC measurements was set up at the shoreline of a small lake near the CAS Nam Co station, Tibetan Plateau. The measured fluxes are partitioned into contributions from the lake and the land surface. Respective model runs are derived by a hydrodynamic four-layer model for the lake and the SVAT scheme SEWAB for the land surface using a multiobjective calibration procedure. Footprint estimations are calculated with a forward lagrangian stochastic model. From this data bundle grid representative fluxes are computed for artificial grid cells of a MODIS pixel size and evaluated against the unaltered measurements of the predominant land use.

last modified 2010-10-27