Biermann, T*; Babel, W; Becker, L; Coners, H; Foken, T; Guggenberger, G; He, S; Ingrisch, J; Kuzyakov, Y; Leuschner, C; Leipold, T; Li, M; Li, X; Miehe, G; Ma, Y; Richards, K; Rose, L; Seeber, E; Shibostova, O; Shi, P; Unger, M; Wesche, K; Xu, X; Yang, Y: TiP-AEG Joint Kobresia Ecosystem Experiment 2010
Poster, 7th Sino-German Workshop on Tibetan Plateau Research, Hamburg: 2011-03-03 - 2011-03-06

The Atmosphere Ecology Glaciology cluster (AEG) conducted a multidiscipline experiment in Kema to investigate the response of Kobresia pygmaea pastures to land use and climatic changes. Main focus laid on the carbon and water cycle with measurements on a wide range of temporal and spatial scales, as well as vegetation dynamics.

last modified 2011-03-10