Biermann, T*; Babel, W; Thiem, E; Chen, X; Ma, W; Yang, K; Ma, Y; Foken, T: Energy fluxes above Nam Co lake and the surrounding grassland – The NamCo 2009 experiment
Poster, 7th Sino-German Workshop on Tibetan Plateau Research, Hamburg: 2011-03-03 - 2011-03-06

Spatial heterogeneity poses a major challenge for modeling and upscaling of energy and matter exchange between the atmosphere and the underlying surface. For this task high quality flux measurements from different surface types are a prerequisite, but these are scarce on the Tibetan Plateau. This poster presents measurements conducted at the side of Lake Nam Co in 2009. Depending on the wind regime the measurements represent either lake or land surface. This data set is used to calibrate a hydrodynamic and a land surface model for gap filling and upscaling purposes.

last modified 2011-03-10