GFBio Roadshow – Research Data Management for scientists, step by step (German Federation for Biological Data)

Mi. 27.06.2018 (14:30-16:30), PC-Pool, S 24b GEO

Kontakt: Johanna Pausch


14:30-15:30 Presentation & Discussion - Learn more about the relevance of sustainable data management for your daily work and how you can receive support and advice from GFBio.

15:30-16:30 Practical Part - Introduction to the GFBio Visualization-Analysis-Transformation (VAT) Tool (laptops and internet access required)

 Lecturer: Tina Astor

The workshop is open to Master students,  PhD students, and Postdocs.
There are 25 spaces - please write a short email to (subject "GFBio Roadshow"), if you want to participate.

Backround GFBio

GFBio is a project co-initiated by and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) since 2013. Its task is to develop a sustainable national contact point and infrastructure ensuring the long-term preservation and reusability of data produced in biological research projects in Germany. GFBio supports researchers in their data management and offers services along the entire data life cycle – from the project proposal stage to the long-term archival, and publication of data.

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