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LIAS light – A Database for Rapid Identification of Lichens

LIAS light

Von 01/2001

Mitarbeiter: Gerhard Rambold, Evgeny Davydov, John A. Elix, Eva Haiduk, Thomas H. Nash III, Luciana Zedda

The LIAS light subproject was initiated in 2001. With general objectives being similar to the LIAS main project, this subproject aims at optimizing online identification of lichens from specific regions of the world by using an easily working interactive multi-access key which is based on a subset of 70 diagnostically relevant characters from the LIAS main set. Up to date the LIAS light database includes data from Germany, Great Britain, the Sonoran Desert, and Southern Africa and covers 3,600 lichen taxa. About 30% of these taxa also appear in an extended form in the main database. The project closely cooperates with the LIAS checklists project, where lichen taxa are assigned to geographic regions.

Homepage: http://liaslight.lias.net/

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