Christoph Thomas: Experimente

Abgeschlossen Experimente

  • Waldstein, 12.05. - 18.07.2003 (WALDATEM-2003)
    Christoph Thomas, Johannes Ruppert, Theresa Bertolini, Johannes Lüers, Johannes Olesch, Jens-Christopher Mayer, Joel Schröter, Gennady N. Panin, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • ECHO Experimente 2002 und 2003 (ECHO)
    Jens-Christopher Mayer, Christoph Thomas [Details]

Experimente aus anderen Bereichen

Abgeschlossen Experimente

  • Waldstein-Weidenbrunnen 12.05. - 18.07.2003 (WALDATEM-2003)
    Johannes Lüers, Johannes Olesch, Johannes Ruppert, Christoph Thomas, Thomas Foken [Details]

  • Hohenpeissenberg OH-Interkomparison and Photochemistry EXperiment (HOHPEX)
    Thomas Foken, Christoph Thomas, Silke Oldenburg, Jens-Christopher Mayer [Details]

  • Sonnenfinsternisexperiment BaySoFi in Weihenstephan vom 09. bis 13.08.1999 (BaySoFi)
    Jörg Gerchau, Otto Klemm, Matthias Mauder, Christoph Thomas, Bodo Wichura, Thomas Foken [Details]

Aktuelle Termine

Fr. 10.07.2020 aktuell
12th BayCEER Workshop 2020: "Call for Abstracts" geöffnet
Do. 22.10.2020
Extreme redox oscillations in freshwater re-flooded acid sulfate soil wetlands: Effects on Fe, S, and trace metals geochemical behavior
Do. 29.10.2020
Dissolved organic matter quality in differently managed forest ecosystems
Do. 05.11.2020
Signaling of rhizosphere microbiome: key for plant health, development and nutrition
Do. 29.10.2020
Neuer Termin: BayCEER Workshop 2020
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