Klotzbücher, T; Kaiser, K; Stepper, C; van Loon, E; Gerstberger, P; Kalbitz, K: Long-term litter input manipulation effects on production and properties of dissolved organic matter in the forest floor of a Norway spruce stand, Plant Soil, 355, 407-416 (2012), doi:DOI 10.1007/s11104-011-1123-1
Background and aims Environmental factors such as climate and atmospheric CO2 control inputs of plantderived matter into soils, which then determines properties and decomposition of soil organic matter. We studied how dissolved organic matter (DOM) in forest floors responded to six years of litter fall manipulation at a spruce site. Methods Experimental treatments included (i) ambient litter fall, as well as (ii) reduction or (iii) increase of litter fall, each by 80%.
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