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Beyrich, F; Foken, T: Untersuchung von Landoberflächen- und Grenzschichtprozessen am Meteorologischen Observatorium Lindenberg in Deutscher Wetterdienst: promet, 31, 148-158 (2005)
Stichworte: Boundary layer,turbulent flux,Meteorologisches Observatorium Lindenberg
Interaction processes between the land surface and the atmosphere play an important role in the water and energy cycles of the climate system. Their understanding and adequate description in numerical models is thus fundamental for the prediction of near-surface weather and climate conditions. Based on a long tradition at the Meteorological Observatory Potsdam in the field of energy budget and turbulent process studies, the investigation of land surface and boundary layer processes became a part of the experimental measurement programme at the Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg within the concept of the „Lindenberg Column“ during the 1990ies. A special boundary layer field site (the „Grenzschichtmessfeld“, GM) close to the village of Falkenberg and regional networks of stations for the measurement of mean and turbulent near-surface atmospheric parameters have been set into operation. The article presents selected results from the operational measurement programme (that started in 1998) and from field campaigns that took place in the Lindenberg region within the frame of the LITFASS (Lindenberg Inhomogeneous Terrain – Fluxes between the Atmosphere and the Surface: A long-term Study) programme.
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