Grund, K; Conedera, M; Schroder, H; Walther, GR: The role of fire in the invasion process of evergreen broad-leaved species, Basic and Applied Ecology, 6(1), 47-56 (2005)
Since the early 1970s evergreen broad-leaved (=laurophyllous) species growing at the southern foot of the Alps (Ticino, southern Switzerland) have increasingly spread from gardens and parks into adjacent forests. To assess the capability of survival of these newly established populations, knowledge of their responses to disturbance within the local ecosystems is required. This paper highlights the relevance of different fire histories to the structure, abundance, species richness and composition of evergreen broad-leaved vegetation on comparable sites and relates these findings to other factors influencing the invasion process of laurophyllous species in the area. The results suggest that the growth and performance of evergreen broad-leaved species are heavily affected by forest fires. The capability of evergreen broad-leaved species to recolonise repeatedly burned sites is very low, suggesting that fires not only damage the affected individuals but also temporarily modify habitats previously suitable for colonisation by evergreens. (c) 2004 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved.
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