Walther, GR: Plants in a warmer world, PERSPECTIVES IN PLANT ECOLOGY EVOLUTION AND SYSTEMATICS, 185, 6(3), 169 (2004)
Climate is a major determinant for the phenology, physiology, distribution and interactions of plants. The world's recent climate has shown a substantial increase in average temperature which is changing these processes in a perceptible way. The following review compiles and discusses studies reporting recently observed changes in the behaviour, ranges and interactions of species which are thought to be associated with climate change. The multitude of recently published studies providing evidence for the ecological impacts of climate change on many different continents strongly suggests that the last 30 years of warmer temperatures have had a substantial influence on both seasonal patterns, and altitudinal and poleward shifts in vegetation. Common features of change, but also some discrepancies in the response of plants to climate change, are discussed, as well as implications for biodiversity, higher level impacts on community structure and trophic interactions, and some ecosystem consequences.
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