Walther, GR: Are there indigenous palms in Switzerland?, BOTANICA HELVETICA, 113(2), 159 (2003)
In times of increasing global exchange of persons and goods, the introduction and subsequent spread of exotic species has likewise intensified. Here an example of an exotic palm species is presented which has successfully colonised the lower areas in southern Switzerland. Based on the resurvey and analysis of old ( > 30 years) vegetation records, field observations and transplanting experiments, the successful establishment of vital and self-regenerating populations in these forests is documented and discussed in the context of changing site conditions, ecosystem management and conservation practices. The presented results strongly suggest that changing climatic conditions, especially milder winters, have favoured the naturalisation of the palm and other exotic evergreen broad-leaved species. In present times, the evergreen broad-leaved species dominate the understorey of the native deciduous forest and take an increasingly important role in the local forest ecosystem.
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BayCEER Retreat 2022
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Postponed to WS 22/23: Preserving ecosystem services and biodiversity on agricultural land
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Der Süden Neuseelands – Ursprüngliche Ökosysteme und ihre Bedrohung
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Führung | "Mäusedorn und Katzenschwanz: Katzen und Botanik"
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Ausstellungseröffnung | "Natur und Kunst" - Malerei und Graphik von Christel Gollner
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